DOGGRDivision of Oil Gas and Geothermal Resources (California)
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According to the California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), there are as many as 55 tar sands wells in the area.
Brown in March voiced strong support for the DOGGR fracking rules effort.
While DOGGR officials avoid making public statements about the Monterey potential, their boss and Brown appointee, Jason Marshall, the conservation department's chief deputy director, has said the Monterey "could" be a boon to the state's economy, but he qualified it by putting heavy emphasis on "could." Oil prices exceeding $90/bbl may be a greater incentive for the Monterey, but Marshall reminds anyone who will listen that producers never get every barrel of potential oil out of a formation "and that's especially true in this [the Monterey] geologic formation."
Fran Pavley, who represents a district that stretches from downtown Los Angeles west to Oxnard, wrote to the supervisor of DOGGR requesting basic information about fracking in California.