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DOGSDepartment Of General Services (later changed to DGS)
DOGSDirector of Graduate Studies
DOGSDads of Great Students (National Center for Fathering)
DOGSDurham-Orange Genealogical Society (North Carolina)
DOGSDog Owners of Greater Squamish
DOGSDeployable Oxygen Generation System
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But some people grow fond of dogs not worth a cut of the whip.
As the weather grew warmer the dogs were forbidden to run beside the cart, but sat at my side on the seat, Vixen with her head under the crook of my left elbow, and Garm hugging the left handrail.
Even had Bashti's word gone forth that if Jerry were attacked by the full- grown bush dogs, it was the duty of the Somo folk to take his part and kick and stone and beat the bush dogs.
"What name that fella dog?" he cried out sharply, causing wild-dog to crouch down again and attracting Lenerengo's attention.
The wedding festivities lasted for eight days, and the dogs sat at table and made eyes at everyone.
If you go into the first room, you will see a great chest in the middle of the floor with a dog sitting upon it; he has eyes as large as saucers, but you needn't trouble about him.
In advance of the dogs, on wide snowshoes, toiled a man.
He dived into the passage, where it sounded as though all the dogs were eating him alive; but that was no more than their regular grace before meals.
That was why he made, in odd moments of off-duty, turtle-shell combs and hair ornaments for profit, and was prettily crooked in such a matter as stealing another man's dog. Somebody had to pay for the six quarts, which, multiplied by thirty, amounted to a tidy sum in the course of the month; and, since that man was Dag Daughtry, he found it necessary to pass Michael inboard on the Makambo through a starboard port-hole.
They growled and barked like detestable dogs, mewed, and flapped their arms and crowed.
Then the gee-pole would be the easier task, and a man would come back to it to rest after having completed his spell to the fore, breaking trail with the snowshoes for the dogs. Such work was far from exhilarating also, they must expect places where for miles at a time they must toil over chaotic ice-jams, where they would be fortunate if they made two miles an hour.
"I will easily arrange that for you," said the Dog; "come with me to my master and you shall share my work."