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DOJCDeranged Occasional Jazz Club (Stockholm, Sweden)
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They were soon to become refugees."I had spent all my money on presents and I had just enough for the underground ride to the airport," Dojc says.
He admits that he was scared about what was in store for him, but he was also "young and stupid", as he says, ready to make spontaneous decisions and take his chances.Since he was horribly homesick, in December 1968 Dojc went to see the Czechoslovak Embassy in London to ask for a permission to return and come back to England.
"I chose the latter, I left the very next morning and did not return for 20 years," Dojc says.After half a year in England, Dojc made his way further west, to Canada.
Directed and produced by fellow Czech emigre Katya Krausova, the film chronicles Dojc's extraordinary geographical and spiritual journey through the back roads of Slovakia, and the blighted landscape of cultural memory.
The accident of timing that allowed Dojc to claim refugee status in Canada in November 1969 was not his only huddle with the gods of good fortune.
Dojc continued his journey by photographing synagogues and cemeteries, as well as abandoned books found in a school from which pupils and teachers had been taken to the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1942.
At the first exhibition, on May 3 at 18:00 in the Austrian Cultural Forum in Astoria Palace in Bratislava, Dojc will introduce his work, while the film by Katya Kraus will also be screened.
Katya Krausova, a London-based filmmaker, traveled with Dojc through Slovakia and her documentary plays in the exhibition space.
The layout of the exhibit reflects the genesis of the project and Dojc's personal journeythe pair discovered a prayer book belonging to Dojc's grandfather, whom he never met, among the unearthed volumes.