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DOLESDistance and Open Learning Environment Scale (measurement)
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Clinton had a number of advantages going into the campaign season against Dole.
Even before Dole formally received the GOP nomination, Republican pundits realized his campaign was in a great deal of trouble.
Unsuccessful in bids for his party's presidential nomination in 1980 and 1988, Dole finally succeeded in his third bid by positioning himself as a "moderate" alternative to Pat Buchanan's populist isolationism and Steve Forbes' supply side economic optimism.
While Dole has sought to portray himself as a relative moderate on abortion rights, he is actually an uncompromising opponent of freedom of choice for women.
There is a 57-year-old investment banker living in Kansas that Senator Bob Dole would prefer you not know about: David Owen, a former Kansas state senator, state Republican Party chairman and Kansas lieutenant governor who was once Dole's close political and personal confidant and chief fundraiser.
Dole's finances, Dole has refused to discuss his former friend.
But the article, like other pieces about airline chaos, lacked any criticism of the Secretary of Transportation, Elizabeth Hanford Dole.
The widespread image of Elizabeth Dole is of a politically moderate, competent, woman cabinet secretary, a view she has tried to reinforce by promoting herself as the "safety secretary.
Dole found her at her desk and laid a quiet hand on her shoulder.
When asked how often he will be back, Dole opened and closed his hand several times, signaling a number of visits to the state Democrats need to win.