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Comparison of Dolg's f-electrons in-core pseudopotentials and the corresponding basis sets for lanthanoids together with Dunning basis sets on non-lanthanoid atoms revealed that these basis set combinations may be even more accurate than the Stuttgart-Dresden pseudopotentials, which replaced 28 core electrons (46 in the case of La) with the corresponding def-TZVP basis sets on lanthanoids and the TZVP basis on other atoms.
[10.] Dolg, M., Stoll, H., Savin, A., and Preuss, H.
on vsponmil so stydom, Kak neprostitel 'no on derzok byl s otcom; Kak casto, pozabyv dolg syna, dolg svjascennyj, On starca ogorcal stroptivost'ju nadmennoj ...).
Rossia Vnov' Gotova Vypolnit' Internatsional'ny Dolg v v Afganistane." Izvetsiia, May 25, 2000, p.
The pounds 35 million project was completed 15 per cent under budget and one year ahead of schedule in March by a team consisting of Bovis Lend Lease, Ove Arup and Partners, Gordon Murray and Alan Dunlop Architects, surveyors Dolg and Smith, with Kelsey Roofing Industries completing the roofing contract.
Nurpeysov's two-volume novel has been translated into Russian as Dolg (Debt).
If purchasing a bond had once been a display of ideological support for socialist construction, it was now a matter of patriotism: "Fulfill your patriotic duty [dolg] before the Fatherland--all as one, subscribe to the State War Bond of 1942!" A variation on this theme had Soviet citizens performing a "sacred duty" (sviashchennyi dolg) to give all possible assistance to the front.
5 (2003): 180-240; Pravilova, "'Pol'skii dolg' Rossiiskoi imperii: K istorii rossiiskoi finansovoi politiki v Pol'she kontsa 18-nachala 20 vekov," in Stranitsy rossiiskoi istorii: Problemy, sobytiia, liudi.
Stalin's constitution described service in the Red Army and in defense of the motherland as the honorable obligation (pochetnaia obiazannost') and sacred duty (sviashchennyi dolg) of citizens of the USSR.