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He pretended that his Christian name was Dolge - a clear impossibility - but he was a fellow of that obstinate disposition that I believe him to have been the prey of no delusion in this particular, but wilfully to have imposed that name upon the village as an affront to its understanding.
Dolge Orlick was at work and present, next day, when I reminded Joe of my half-holiday.
Ralph Nickleby is Nicholas's uncle and is a sly and unscrupulous moneylender, Ned Dennis is a public hangman who becomes one of the leaders of the riots in which he is involved, Jonas Chuzzlewit is a selfish man whose marriage to Mercy Pecksniff is nothing more than an economic transaction, Uriah Heep is a greedy character whose ambition is to guilt Agnes Wickfield into marrying him so that he can gain control of the Wickfield fortune, Blandois is plainly a criminal, Dolge Orlick is a journeyman who threatens Pip with being thrown into a furnace and later tries to kill him, and Rogue Riderhood is a threatening man who accuses Gaffer Hexam of murdering John Harmon.
Thus, well-known villains such as Bill Sikes, Wackford Squeers, Ralph Nickleby, Daniel Quilp, Jonas Chuzzlewit, Ned Dennis, Dolge Orlick, Mr.
Created to produce piano hammers and shoes, the felt company was named after Alfred Dolge, the expert Huntington brought out from New York to manage the operation.
Dolge Orlick, Joe Gargery's surly helper in the blacksmith shop.
Among the gallery of characters in the book are Biddy, who becomes Joe's second wife; the Pocket family; Uncle Pumblechook; Dolge Orlick, the murderer of Pip's sister; and Mr.
For information contact Jennifer Dolge at or call 509-663-7716.
Williams, 25, of 13 Dolge Court, Oxford; Terrell A.
Jaroslaw Pianka, 42, of 5 Dolge Court, Charlton, pleaded guilty Thursday in Worcester Superior Court to two counts each of uttering a false document and single counts of larceny and reckless endangerment of a child.
Jaroslaw Pianka, 40, of 5 Dolge Court, Charlton, was indicted Dec.