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DOLMENService Machine Development for an Open Long-term Mobile and Fixed Network Environment
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The dolmen management stated, 'This festival has all the happenings that karachiites need in their holidays season, to relax from their fast paced life, for people of all ages be it children, adults or housewives.
Faisal Nadeem, COO Dolmen Real Estate Management Pakistan said, 'We strive to give our customers the best of everything and this is another step in ensuring an enhanced shopping experience at our malls.
As a conscientious and disability friendly mall, we took this opportunity to understand how to improve access and facilitation for everyone, because Dolmen mall is for everyone," said Naureen Altaf Khan, General Manager, Marketing Dolmen Real Estate Management.
El descubrimiento reciente de una estela decorada en el dolmen del Alto de la Huesera completa la dispersion del arte megalitico, relativizando la existencia de vacios geograficos.
This dolmen, located close to the village of Valverde, is considered among the tallest funerary monuments in the world and the largest dolmen in the Iberian Peninsula.
Founded in 2008, Dolmen Property Group, San Francisco-based real estate developer and equity partner that reimagines challenging properties.
More importantly, the architecture of Perthi Duon appears to be a blueprint for other portal dolmen monuments within what is termed the Irish Sea Province.
More importantly, the architecture of Perthi Duon appears to be a blueprint with other Portal Dolmen monuments within what is termed the Irish Province.
3 December 2012 a[euro]" US financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald LP said on Monday it had bought Irelanda[euro](tm)s Dolmen Stockbrokers Ltd, a move that allows it to establish presence in the European country.
Published by the Dolmen Press in 1975, the book was inspired by Joyce's visit to Mullingar while his father was engaged in clearing up irregularities in the electoral register for the area in 1900 and 1901.
Daraa, southern Syria, (SANA)- Several dolmen tombs dating back to the 5th Millennium BC or the Stone--Copper Age (the Eneolithic Age) have been unearthed in several sites in southern Syria such as Ein Zakkar, Tsil, al-Bakkar and Jibilieh to the west of Daraa, in addition to al-Maysara, southeast Daraa.
The EUR100,000 guaranteed No Limit Hold'em event takes place at the Dolmen Hotel, County Carlow, from April 22 to 25.