DOLOGDortmunder Logistikgesellschaft (German: Dortmund Logistics Company; Dortmund, Germany)
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Moreover, the fact that the Joko Dolog statue had been moved from the site of the vanished fourteenth-century Majapahit capital in Trowulan to Surabaya over a century earlier in 1817 created confusion about its possible original location (Notulen 1872).
Rational beings must first become mortals." Martin Heidegger, "Das Ding," in Martin Heidegger, Das Ding und Die Sprache--A dolog es A nyelv (Hungarian-German bilingual edition, Sarvar: Sylvester Janos Konyvtar, 2000, 41.
The close attention paid to the reunification of Java in the Joko Dolog inscription illustrates the degree to which Airlangga's division of his kingdom continued to be a pressing concern throughout the history of pre-Islamic East Java.
Currently, there are several educational e-content repositories and networked infrastructures available ranging from federated or distributed learning repositories to brokerage platforms (Duval, Forte, Cardinaels, Verhoeven, Van Durm et al., 2001; Guth, Neumann, & Simon, 2001; Friesen, Roberts, & Fisher, 2002; Nejdl, Wolf, Qu, Decker, Sintek et al., 2002; Olivier & Liber, 2003; Quemada & Simon, 2003, Simon, Dolog, Miklos, Sintek, & Olmedilla, 2004).
Az emblematikus gondolkodasmod szamara minden letezo dolog egyidoben nyer jelentoseget" (Fabiny quoted 134-5).
To meet the current needs, such services should satisfy a diverse range of requirements, for example, personalization and adaptation (Dolog, Henze, Nejdl, & Sintek, 2004; Vasilakos, Devedzic, Kinshuk, & Pedrycz, 2004).
This recognition prompts him to employ wry maxims such as "de az emberfajt ket dolog jellemzi igazan / a langesze es serthetetlen butasaga" (Mankind is characterized truly by two qualities: / its genius and its invulnerable stupidity).
8:30 Shape-Memory Behavior of a Polyethylene-Based Carboxylate Ionomer and Compounds Containing Zinc Stearate 1598047 | Rostyslav Dolog, The University of Akron
The translation of the two novellas included in the present volume, "Escape Hatch" (Laz, 1990) and "The Long Road Ahead" (Dolog nash put', 1991), is doubtless due in part to this favorable publicity.