DOLSADepartment of Labour and Social Affairs (Gondar, Ethiopia)
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05 La luna la dolsa luna 05 La luna, la dolsa luna 06 a tins li plantis di blanc, 06 a sblanca i morars 07 e, in mies dai ramps, la 07 e tra li verdis ramassis i fontana jot, 08 a alsa il so fil di 08 di arzent, ingrispassi il diamant.
According to the company, the Dolsa Wind concept model, which is equipped with a "simple electric drive system" that "makes possible a revolutionary aerodynamic form reminiscent of a glider," allows the rider to "open up into a more relaxed riding position and enjoy the flow of air against the body while riding;" the Passol L prototype features increased battery capacity and a built-in charger that allows the electric scooter to be charged "anywhere there is a 100-[volt (V)] outlet;" and the Divide, which is based on Passol technology, includes a "switch-operated fold-up function run off the main electric motor" that allows the vehicle to be "folded up into a compact shape."