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DOLTDirector of Learning and Teaching (UK)
DOLTDirector of Learning Technology (humor)
DOLTDate Of Last Transaction
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If it wasn't you who said he was a dolt, it must have been Minard.
I am not to suppose,' said Ralph, 'that you are dolt enough to forgive or forget, very readily, the violence that was committed upon you, or the exposure which accompanied it?
You can pity a dolt of a servant for breaking a dish; but you have no compassion for me when my head is split in two and all on fire with this consuming fever.
Let him question me whoever will: to a dolt, however, I shall hardly answer.
Were there more than one, dolt, that you ask the question?
He really is a dolt, I suppose, in other things; but it answers his one purpose very well.
I should like to rap with a good stick on the empty pates of the dolts who circulate such nonsense
He called them all the fools and dolts you can imagine, said it was necessary I should talk to the doctor, fluttered the chart in their faces, asked them if they could afford to break the treaty the very day they were bound a-treasure-hunting.
And as he descended the winding stairs of the courts: "A fine rabble of asses and dolts these Parisians
Yarns and yarns, when seemingly I was gone in drink, I told my apparent cronies--men whom I despised, stupid dolts of creatures that they were.
A MAN that owned a fine Dog, and by a careful selection of its mate had bred a number of animals but a little lower than the angels, fell in love with his washerwoman, married her, and reared a family of dolts.
Not stupid dolts, nor fat bourgeois swine of business men, but men of temperament, of flame and fire; madmen, maybe, but a lawless, royal race of madmen.