DOM-TOMDépartements d'Outre Mer - Territoires d'Outre Mer (French: Overseas Departments & Territories)
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Major customers throughout North Africa and DOM-TOM -- and around the world -- are increasingly adopting Fortinet's FortiGate family of systems as a result of recognizing the superior security, performance and value they provide," said Andre Stewart, Fortinet's vice president, EMEA.
Total quantity or scope: Maintenance on 16 sites (NPP or CPT) across the country outside the Ile de France, Corsica and DOM-TOM.
WFS would also manage cargo on XL Airways flights to several destinations, including North America, DOM-TOM, Mexico, and Dominican Republic.
The service includes:: - Publishing letters to the standard format of La Poste norecommande insertion of the insertion, the affixing of the package read, postage and delivery to the Post registered mail, to metropolitan France ( required), DOM-TOM (mandatory) and abroad (required): - Automatic pairing between the letters and packages read: - Management of receipt and retained folds (PND): - Legal archiving letters, proof of deposit of the post, proof of receipt and folds undistributed (Pnd): - The return of letters, proof of deposit, Receipts (AR) and PND in electronic form for injection into the system Electronic management of information and documents MSA (EDM).