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DOMAINDistributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network
DOMAINDistributed Operating Multi-Access Interactive Network
DOMAINDefence Online Management and Instructional Network (Australia)
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Thus it was he learned the law, and ere he left the domain of the chickens, he had learned to ignore their existence.
The domain of Bracieux, chateaux, forests, plowed lands, forming three farms.
For they had no doubt at all that they would be able to destroy Ozma's domain.
Then the black girl told him that she too was in the power of the Fairy, who had doomed her to wander about in her present guise until some youth should take pity on her and bear her in safety to the other side of the river which they saw in the distance, and on the other side of which the Fairy's domain and power ended.
On passing the limits of O-push-y-e-cut's domains, the travellers left the elevated table-lands, and all the wild and romantic scenery which has just been described.
Do you understand now, O Prince," she said, "why a million warriors guard the domains of the Holy Therns by day and by night?
His life, in which so much that was good was mixed, with so much that was bad, lighted up the whole domain of egotism with its glare, and made one feel how near the best and the worst were to each other, and how they sometimes touched without absolute division in texture and color.
Here are no heights of truth overlooking the confused landscape of that dubitable domain.
We had at last arrived on the borders of this forest, doubtless one of the finest of Captain Nemo's immense domains.
Small spirits and spacious souls had those shepherds: but, my brethren, what small domains have even the most spacious souls hitherto been!
The sixteen activity statements in the first domain described a variety of programs and services that are provided for university students.
Chart out a global strategy and with the help of a directory, select your countries and plan a domain name registration scenario.