DOMCDeclaration of Mutual Confidence (International Organization of Legal Metrology)
DOMCDual Option Media Center
DOMCDirty Old Man's Club
DOMCDivision of Malaria Control (Nairobi, Kenya)
DOMCDefense of Marriage Coalition
DOMCDe Ocampo Memorial Colleges
DOMCDynamic Optimal Metabolic Control
DOMCDynamically Optimized Monte Carlo (computational method)
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This is our best chance," said DOMC coach Ronnie Dojillo.
In Kenya, malaria treatment for children under 5 years of age is free of charge, including diagnostics and medicine (DOMC 2009).
The ministry of Health said in a statement Friday that after the situation of Malakand, the DoMC has provided 500 bed nets along with insecticides for spray purpose in Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).
The Doves came into the game tied with DOMC with two wins each.
The DOMC was recognized this year as one of 25 semi-finalists for the International Association of Chiefs of Police top award for quality in law enforcement.
3, Toba acknowledged having pocketed a profit of 16 million yen in a series of trades in the shares of DOMC, drawing allegations of insider trading.
The acid test for both SFAC and DOMC, tied with 2-0 win-loss cards, is set at 11 a.m.
With public safety budgets ravaged by years of cuts, the DOMC will mostly collect data on how much and what kind of reform programs are most needed.
3, Toba acknowledged having made a profit of 16 million yen in a series of trades in the shares of DOMC, drawing allegations of insider trading.
While the DOMC program and the Sherman Center represent expansive and hopeful steps toward the future, the present state of local corrections budgets makes the first steps somewhat painful for local agencies.
Toba, 70, told a news conference at the time he had bought 100,000 DOMC shares for 21 million yen in May 1999 prior to the August 1999 announcement of a DOMC decision to write down its loans to its nonbank financing affiliate.
The first phase of the Defender and Offender Management Center, or DOMC, is about to begin after more than two years of work - much of it spent designing a computer program to assess the public safety risk of anyone booked into the Lane County Jail.