DOMCDeclaration of Mutual Confidence (International Organization of Legal Metrology)
DOMCDual Option Media Center
DOMCDirty Old Man's Club
DOMCDivision of Malaria Control (Nairobi, Kenya)
DOMCDefense of Marriage Coalition
DOMCDe Ocampo Memorial Colleges
DOMCDynamic Optimal Metabolic Control
DOMCDynamically Optimized Monte Carlo (computational method)
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Although budget cuts have created a shortage of such programs, local officials intend to document the need through the DOMC process.
Toba, 70, told a news conference at the time he had bought 100,000 DOMC shares for 21 million yen in May 1999 prior to the August 1999 announcement of a DOMC decision to write down its loans to its nonbank financing affiliate.
Last Friday, DOMC picked up its second straight win by routing Philsca, 86-70; NCBA (2-1) edged AMA Computer College, 94-90; and DCTI tripped PCU, 78-68.
Touring the center on Wednesday, he said he feels privileged to have helped shape the concept for the DOMC operation.
DOMC planners set out to incorporate principles and practices that are proven by research to reduce crime.
John Clague, the jail manager and a key force behind the DOMC.
Management teams from the sheriff, parole and probation staff, and circuit court were told not to ask for a single extra dime to plan the DOMC or to convert the hospital for its base.
Meanwhile, the DOMC will collect inmate data to guide future spending.
Before taking his current post in February, Kawa reported the holding of DOMC stocks to Daiei's financial affairs section, which subsequently warned him.
9 million yen in profit from the sale of DOMC shares but also donated it to charity organizations.
The DOMC system will assign a risk rating to all inmates in the jail, Forest Work Camp and work release center.
Tenders are invited for supply of cattle feed raw materials: Rice bran - Ajmer, DOMC - Ajmer, DOMC-Jodhpur Etc