DOMDDuke of Mount Deer (TV show)
DOMDDisciple of My Disciple (Hare Krishna text)
DOMDDomestic Dispute (law enforcement)
DOMDDigital Orthophoto Map Database
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Joseph, MI, USA), ash by heating a sample in a muffle furnace at 550oC for 6h (Galyean, 2010, AFIA, 2014), DMD and DOMD by the pepsin cellulase digestibility assay (AFIA, 2014) and ME calculated as DMOD x 0.203 - 3.001 (AFIA, 2014).
Perhaps most helpfully, they provide a section of acknowledgments, consisting largely of links (complete with copyright dates and authors) to other online sources that supplement DOMD's coverage.
The definitions in DOMD vary quite a bit in terms of length and depth, and because of the derivative nature of many of them, they lack the consistency of approach one might find in a dictionary assembled from whole-cloth.
where DOMD (organic matter digestibility in DM), EE, CP and nitrogen free extract were expressed as % in DM.