DOMEADocument Management and Electronic Archiving
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Accordingly, documents are the basic units for storing primary information in the DOMEA Concept.
Therefore, the DOMEA Concept proposes for the federal administration a step-by-step implementation in three stages:
DOMEA provides functions for importing data files from office communications, e-mail, and fax as well as a scanner interface for importing digitized paper records.
Using DOMEA as a workflow management system enables complete creation of electronic records and evidence of working processes.
Under the framework of DOMEA, a project group was set up in 1998 to find solutions for the disposition and archiving of electronic records.
It became part of the overall DOMEA Concept and a basis for the subsequent project "Electronic Office.
However, conversion to TIFF is a standard routine not only in DOMEA, but also in many other office systems, whereas conversion to SGML or XML is still a special requirement.
The DOMEA Concept for electronic records and IT support of business processes prepares the federal administration for cooperative work between offices in different locations.
In the "Electronic Office" project, products in the field of workflow and document management systems were tested to determine to what extent they met the DOMEA Concept requirements.
With those firms whose products fulfilled the DOMEA requirements, the Federal Procurement Office (Beschaffungsamt) made outline contracts that facilitated procurement in federal administration and federal government.
Today, the DOMEA Concept serves as a quality certificate and a standard for office systems not only in the federal administration, but also in German municipal and state administrations.
The DOMEA certificate indicates that essential requirements for administrative functions and recordkeeping have been met.