DOMEXDocument and Media Exploitation (US DOJ)
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Well known actor Kamal Haasan has chosen to collaborate with brand Domex's purpose-led campaign 'Why the Shame Pick up the Brush!'
Domex offers retailers merchandising bins to display its apples and cherries, as well as digital marketing kits with recipes and images for all of its fruit varieties, including apples, pears, cherries and apricots.
The main problem with the Domex ad is that it is an anathema to aesthetic sense.
The Ultra's high strength Domex 650 steel rolled chassis frame with high tensile strength and straight long member construction allows the platform the flexibility of multiple wheel bases at multiple payload points.
The co-op's fruit is sold through Domex Superfresh Growers, one of the top fresh fruit marketing firms in Washington state.
According to SSAB, there is strong demand for its high-strength steel, like Hardox, Weldox, Docol and Domex, from the booming Chinese heavy machinery and automotive industries.
His Cyprus Trading Corporation Plc, Woolworth Properties Ltd (the largest commercial real estate company in Cyprus), Ermes Department Stores Ltd (Debenhams), Hermes Airports Ltd (the island's only major airport operator), CTC-Airports Ltd., the airport retail group, Argosy grocery retail chain, Cassandra tobacco imports, Scandia home appliances, House of Beauty luxury cosmetics, Hyundai, Iveco, Volvo and Scania trucks, Domex building products and MTN Germanos telephony all go to make up the present Shacolas portfolio of companies.
Both the Canter and Fuso 16-253 truck cargo bodies can be constructed of Domex 700 high tensile steel which is twice the strength of mild steel.
ptijxeli 'he has opened' ~ [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'she has opened.' By contrast, vowels in Mlahso are of roughly the same length and quality in both open and closed syllables, e.g., in domex 'he sleeps,' domxina 'we sleep,' dmix-li 'I slept' (Jastrow 1985b: 267, 1994a: 20-23).
SuperFreshGrowers (Domex) has several third party auditing programs in place at all Domex warehouses, which assures that their products have been produced, handled and shipped to the highest possible food safety standards.
It was funded by Domex, an organization committed to developing the use of the Internet and other digital resources in order to raise standards in education.
This is designed to the same specification as the McConnel ``Multicut'' flailhead, but is made of Domex steel to reduce the weight.