DOMHDepartment of Mental Health (various states)
DOMHDepartment of Mental Hygiene
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The values associated with such a program may encourage students to have a more open-minded attitude toward other cultures (Domh off, 1983).
The CVs tended to be higher for variables associated with the chuck (CHDM, DBCH, DRCH, range 0.12-0.60, mean = 0.32) than for variables of the whine (DB12, DOMH, FNHZ, INIT, PAMH; range 0.08-0.55, mean = 0.19; Table 1).
The variables that we assumed were under active control, usually temporal characters (AMPL, DRAM, DURCH, DURT, TLDUR), had a mean CV of 0.53 (range 0.25-1.00; Table 1) compared to spectral call variables, which we assumed are more likely to be under passive control (DB12, DOMH, FNLH, INIT, PAMH) that had a mean CV 0.18 (range 0.08-0.55).