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DOMINODIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) Object-oriented Model of Intelligence Operations
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Spam continues to be an increasing problem for Domino users around the world.
Founded in 1993, DYS Analytics is a leading provider of application performance management solutions for messaging and collaboration applications such as IBM Lotus Domino, IBM Workplace, IBM Team Workplace, IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing, and Microsoft Exchange.
Trilog is recognized for inventing the FlowBuilder rapid development framework, which enables Lotus Domino developers to utilize their existing skills to build collaborative applications for J2EE platforms.
Visible Path integration to Lotus Domino helps accelerate sales cycles by providing insight and access into a corporation's entire network of relationships.
Before all of that, I got the feeling that ``Domino'' wasn't the most accurate biopic of Domino Harvey that they could've made.
2 for Domino offers new, deeper levels of security by adding the abilities to analyse text in email attachments, and to scan for viruses in email messages.
The Standard Edition integrates with WebSphere Portal, Lotus Notes and Domino and Lotus Sametime to solve the challenges presented by the use of fragmented communication and project collaboration tools in distributed project environments.
Domino and his company as well as Domino Day on these websites:
The new xfy adapter can access data stored in a Lotus Notes or Domino database, empowering organizations to leverage existing infrastructure investments and information.
As the principal systems integrator for epcSolutions with the most production deployments of RFID TagManager, Domino EIS leads the industry with RFID systems installations for multiple Wal-Mart delivery methods and various product types including cold storage, office supply product, home entertainment, clothing and 3PLs.
MIMEsweeper for Exchange and MIMEsweeper for Domino do everything you've come to expect from the award-winning MIMEsweeper technology, but apply it to internal e-mail traffic.
The 2005 World Domino Tournament was first broadcast on ESPN Deportes, ESPN's Spanish-language network, in March.