DOMTDirector of Maintenance Training
DOMTDiversity of Ministry Team (Unitarian Universalist Association)
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For example, in (13), na signals the speaker's resigned conclusion: (13) "Well, gentlemen, if you had waited just a little while," Aristotle remembered Plato saying to Socrates speaking to the jury that had just decreed his execution by hemlock, "you would have had your way in the course of nature." (JH) "Na, mina herrar, hade ni vantat litet till," kom Aristoteles ihag att Platon hade berattat om Sokrates tal till domstolen sore just hade domt honom till avrattning medelst odort, "sa skulle ni ha fatt er vilja fram enligt naturens gang."
Trading in the shares on the EGX is expected to commence on Tuesday, 22 March 2016, under the symbol DOMT.CA.
Domty received in December 2015 permission to list its shares on the EGX under the symbol DOMT.CA.