DONCAFDepartment of the Navy Central Adjudication Facility
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DONCAF's mission is to provide excellent customer service, and accurate and timely adjudication.
Considering the amount of PII that is commonly found in these packages, the DONCAF organization reviewed its procedures and came up with a new policy which either eliminates the Social Security number from correspondence or greatly mitigates the risk of a breach of PII by using only the last four digits of the SSN.
Cain was quick to point out that DoNCAF will not arbitrarily revoke a Sailor's clearance, considering that each Sailor's background investigation costs anywhere from $45,000 to $75,000.
"If he can revert back to being under that 20 percent [income to debt ratio] and even if he's over 30 percent, as long as DoNCAF and the command can say that the Sailor is making positive corrective actions to rectify this problem, they're not going to remove his clearance."