DONDDeal or No Deal? (TV show)
DONDDepartment of National Defence (Canada)
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An official DOND spokeswoman says: "No one has been lucky enough to win the top prize yet.
Por lo tanto, las hojas largas y estolones pueden ser adaptativas bajo condiciones de densamente aglomeradas dond la competencia por la luz es intensa.
He played dilly dond do, where they'd divide into teams and pile up stones, and each group would try and knock the other's pile down as they were building it.
Entonces vemos a un Juli dispuesto a seguir el juego del imperio: en el mundo espanol se arriesga y se entra a la batalla, en el de alla, pero en este que tiene categoria de tercero, en ese no, en este el engano es parte del sistema, la corrupcion tan grande que no existe nadie que diga lo contrario, y es mas, los aficionados aceptan ese juego de espejos dond la ley es tu haces como que hacer y yo como que lo acepto.
he can keep the Doctor out of the house, if not, it will not be long before you see the undertaker in the house, as i know to well from you dear Mother, she was sick 14 years, from the time Robert whas born, i dond know how many Doctors she has had, bud the last one whas Doctor Birch of White Plains [.
The tenth-century religious poem 'The Psalter of Quatrains' describes Aaron's regalia, amongst them a gold diadem 'and an apple of bright gold (ubull dond or gle) between each pair of little bells'.
A Venetian Family and Its Fortune, 1500-1900: The Dond and the Conservation of Their Wealth.