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DONERDevelopment of North Eastern Region (India)
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International franchiser German Doner Kebab will open its 31 st outlet in August 2015 in JBR, and will be the first to stay open 24 hours all week.
German Doner Kebab is in Bull Street, opposite the County Court Open from 11am to 8pm at the moment but it will switch to 8am to 8pm in the future.
Both Mithi and Sanjoy conveyed their gratefulness to the DoNER minister, officials and JNU authorities for their generosity towards the students of NE region studying in the national capital and hoped that the building would come up soon.
The doner kebab is what the Kebab Shop is all about," said co-owner A.
The footage shows them hauling the doner meat out of a window, which one of them had managed to slip through to gain entry to the shop in Dalkeith, Midlothian.
The doner kebab is said to have been invented in Berlin in 1971, when a Turkish snack stall holder came up with the idea of putting the meat inside a pitta bread.
The main culprits for high salt levels were chow mein, chicken balti and doner kebabs, with average levels of salt found to be over 7.
From inception, it was our goal to make our doner and gyros available to as many people as possible and thanks to our loyal supporters we are rapidly expanding," said Nabi Naseeb, CEO at Doner & Gyros.
com)-- Doner believes this work examines the fact that the history of the human race has been manipulated by a being so clever that we have had no idea he exists.
London, June 14 ( ANI ): A one-tonne doner kebab made up of seven cows has broken the Guinness world record for the largest doner kebab ever made.
Swap a doner kebab and chips for shish kebab in pitta with salad.
DONER kebabs in Birmingham have come under fire after a food standards test revealed alarming levels of calories, salt and fat in their meat content.