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DONETDense Oceanfloor Network System for Earthquakes and Tsunamis (Japan)
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Donet, a native of Cuba who came to America at age 14, was recognized for his long service to the section, including us chair in 1989 and supervising its annual Attorney's Fees CLE seminar for 13 years.
"We need to model the behavior and the values of the district, and I donEt believe we all do that," board member Karen Osmanski said.
The problem for consumers is that we donEt always know what weEre buying u is the Riesling dry?
"ThereEs nothing more rewarding as a caddie, in general terms, when you say, eI donEt like 6-iron, I like 7,E and being right.
Others u like Virginia Democrats Tim Kaine and Mark Warner u represent states with many federal workers who donEt want a shutdown.
But they donEt matter more than issues like the high prevalence of obesity and Type 2 diabetes among Hispanics, segregated schools with few resources, professional pay disparities, the Trump-era insecurity about immigration status, and so many other challenges Hispanics face.
Should we be asking what will happen to us when we help certain immigrants, or what will happen to certain immigrants if we donEt help them?
And yet, some people donEt go to them, preferring to take their chances on the street even in the dead of winter.
But sheEs my one and only mom and I donEt get, or want, another one.
A: We are seeing a relatively high attack rate, but itEs still relatively early in the season and we donEt know how high the peak is going to be in terms of influenza activity.
Durbin and Democrats are likely to find that out, if they donEt already know.
He has tangled with Madigan in the past and Democrats usually donEt survive that sort of thing, much less use it as a plank in campaigns for statewide office.