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DONGDansk Olie og Naturgas (Danish Oil and Natural Gas)
DONGDanish Oil and Natural Gas
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com/culture/news/the-flight-of-the-birdman-flappy-bird-creator-dong-nguyen-speaks-out-20140311) interview to Rolling Stone Magazine , Dong said: "I can't go back to my life before, but I'm good now," accompanied by a clean-cut look, modest dressing and a cigarette hanging from his mouth.
Social media sites were last night awash with rumours of death threats to Dong for removing the game from app stores.
Forming part of DONG Energy's strategy, the agreement will see DONG Energy Sales working with EuroSite Power as a way of improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint for its customers using Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions.
Dong dong dong, iaith yn marw medden ni a dal ati, nes teimlo ein bod yn curo ein pennau yn erbyn wal.
Dong Energy's significant investment in this development will play an important part in enhancing the security of supply of reliable power supplies in addition to helping us reduce our energy carbon footprint and providing skilled jobs for people in the local area.
DONG, which gets most of its power from coal-fired plants, announced on Friday it had cancelled plans to build its first coal-fired power station in Germany, saying it did no longer believe the project had the necessary backing.
and DONG Energy expects to begin construction work in January 2009.
But Dong said it is the Americans' love of family that has probably changed her the most.
Thankfully for United, Dong did not let his obvious disappointment linger and, after Darren Fletcher skipped to the by-line six minutes from time, he steadied himself to fire an eight-yard effort high into the Chiefs net.
Current medicinal use: Until more conclusive scientific research has been conducted, it is best to use dong quai as it is intended to be within a Traditional Chinese Medicine paradigm.
The subject is Verity, a modeling method developed by Dong and his team that they claim can reliably predict welded joint fatigue life and make much of the physical testing now used redundant.
Chinese student Jain Dong Huo (above) came to Huddersfield knowing just a few phrases of English.