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Fleming said he adapted his original proposal after concerns over a lack of investment in nurse leadership and a joint submission from SDHB's senior nurses and the DoNM suggesting two alternatives.
All teams required endorsement by their local Directors of Nursing and Midwifery (DoNMs) before commencing the HMoC Program.
All participants were required to produce reports on their project outcomes for submission to their DoNMs and this was supported by a workshop session on report writing.
> Lakes DHB's DoNM has a budget for PD, professional advice and clinical trial teams but the C00 holds staffing budgets for nurses across all units.
> Nelson-Marlborough DHB's DoNM works in partnership with senior managers and clinical leaders to manage clinical services, including financial delegation for those who report to her.
Capital & Coast DHB DoNM Andrea McCance told Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand that the DHB's neonatal service was currently "working through a process considering transitioning five neonatal nurse specialists (NNS) to NP roles".
Of the DHB DoNMs who replied to questions put by Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, all indicated they highly valued the NP role as important for workforce development and service delivery and outlined various ways they were supporting it.
New convenor of the southern region is South Canterbury DoNM Sam Powell, replacing Sheree East, and Plunket chief operating officer Angela Baldwin continues as convenor of the central region.
Hayes, an Australian, has worked at the DHB for the Last three years and held the acting position since the resignation of previous DONM Cheyne Chalmers.
Damascus, (SANA)- Damascus-based Tishreen daily on Sunday front-paged the following headlines: -Syrian population by the start of 2010 was 23, 695 million.-Israeli settlers seize 1,500 donms (1 donm= 1000 sq.