DONOACSDepartment Of Navy Office Automation & Communications System
DONOACSDepartment Of the Navy Office Automation & Communication System
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The largest single-vendor LAN pilot in the DONOACS Project is a Xerox Ethernet local communications network in the offices of the Naval Material Command in Crystal City, Virginia, a suburb of Washington.
Other Xerox pilot locations include the DONOACS Project Management Office (PMO), the DONOACS Laboratory, the Chief of Naval Operations in the Pentagon, and Commander--Naval Air Systems Command in Crystal City.
The DONOACS PMO serves as the "network control center.'
This "tool' allows us to exchange information faster for more timely decisions,' says Chief Warrant Officer Lynn Freshour, the DONOACS network operations manager and network administrator for the DONOACS Ethernet network.
Another successful single-vendor LAN pilot launched by DONOACS is the Secretariat and Headquarters Information Processing System (SHIPS) for executive correspondence control, which uses a Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) network.
While the LAN demonstration phase of the DONOACS Project is now complete, work on the network architecture definition phase is continuing.
This laboratory resource area, located within the Navy Regional Automation Command building at the Washington Navy Yard, provides DONOACS with facilities for DIF testing.
"Though DONOACS will not tell people in subordinate commands what they should or should not buy, our laboratory will give them a chance to view state-of-the-art options.
Now that the laboratory is functioning and DIF testing is under way, DONOACS also has begun planning the multi-vendor pilots that are on its thirdphase, 1985 calendar.
Photo: Commander Robert Gray, DONOACS director, uses workstation to consult his appointments calendar.