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It is upon these small gifts, which carry with them the interest of hundreds of donors, that any philanthropic work must depend largely for its support.
With these words he girded the sword about his shoulders and towards sundown the presents began to make their appearance, as the servants of the donors kept bringing them to the house of King Alcinous; here his sons received them, and placed them under their mother's charge.
The Englishmen were obliged to come away as soon as they had them, or else they that gave them this noble present would certainly have expected that they should have gone to work with them, have killed two or three of them the next morning, and perhaps have invited the donors to dinner.
At King Abdulaziz Medical City, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a large tertiary hospital, patient relatives and friends contribute to 70% of blood procurement while voluntary and community-based donation through mobile donor drives contribute to 30% of the donations.
Retaining current donors is also important because maintaining a robust, loyal donor base is the most cost-effective strategy for nonprofits and offers potential for substantial increases in giving.
This relative freedom has huge advantages for burn victims and other patients who benefit from donor tissue, but it has upset established procurement organizations that, for the first time, have to compete for parts.
In the end, the donor receives a charitable contribution for income tax purposes in the year of the asset transfer, the charitable contribution is exempt from gift tax and the value of the charitable component now has been transferred out of the donor's estate for estate tax purposes.
Cashflows are paid to the donor for a specified period; assets transfer to a designated charity at the end of such time.
As of (Monday), we've had 300,000 more people sign up on the donor registry.
Financial aid officers can help advancement by strengthening the case for support with data, by developing creative programs that will appeal to donor values--and by effectively stewarding existing funds.
The Secretary [Mike Leavitt] directs the OPTN to develop policies regarding living organ donors and living organ donor recipients, including policies for the equitable allocation of living donor organs," HRSA said in the June 16 Federal Register.