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DONSDirector of Nursing Services (various locations)
DONSDangerous Offender Notification System (Nevada)
DONSDepartment of National Security
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Leave it to God, Sancho," returned Don Quixote, "for he will give her what suits her best; but do not undervalue thyself so much as to come to be content with anything less than being governor of a province.
junior national team who paced the Dons with two goals along with Ann Edelman, tied the score 5-5 with 1:59 left.
Peck: Do you find that, with today's pressure for good communication and cooperation among clinicians at every level of the nursing home, that relations between DONs, RNs and physicians are improving?
By the same token, in hearing DONs talk in casual conversation, I feel some concern that they might be increasing the burnout by taking too much upon themselves.
The Dons opened their conference season against Palomar, another perennial power.
Competition for managed care patients will require that DONs make thorough, accurate admissions assessments with unprecedented speed, working closely with the admissions director, administration and the nursing staff.
Once they get in the red zone, we become different people,'' said Dons safety Charlie Coronado.
The result is that many DONs are essentially thrown into management positions, ready or not.
How might DONs in long-term care become a part of this?
Future DONs will have less hands-on clinical opportunities because the position will continue to become increasingly administrative along with whatever new wrinkles the future adds to the job.
But the Toreadors were unable to run out the clock, and the Dons forced Isaac Garden to punt.
Many DONs said they would leave their positions if they could but there aren't as many options in the rural areas," said Winters.