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DOOLDays Of Our Lives (TV show)
DOOLDeductive Object Oriented Language
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The company said that, with more than 25 years' experience in the life science industry and with his expertise in sales and operations strategy in EMEA, van den Dool will complement the board's commercial, business development and scientific focus.
Back row from <Bleft: Jon Leedham, head of DTZ's Birmingham office, John Sambrooks and Peter Fullam, both directors Front row from left: Seetle Dool, marketing and communications manager, Clare Lucey, associate director, and Sunita Walia, senior financial systems analyst
Robert van den Dool, the newly appointed Dutch Ambassador to South Sudan was visibly taken aback as he waded through the flood waters of the POC site.
(32) Each of these cases upheld the constitutionality of merit-based judicial selection plans, (33) but none dealt with the constitutional issues currently being raised in cases such as the Tenth Circuit's Dool v.
Major Hydel Power Projects already completed are Dul Hasti 780 MW, Rattle 480 MW, Kirthai 1400 MW, Pakal Dool 700 MW, Lower Kalnai 200 MW and Chaudhary 150 MW.
She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History and Visual Culture and a Minor in Studio Art at San Jose State University under the guidance of Bay Area artists Stan Welsh and Monica Van den Dool.
The retention indices were obtained by co-injecting the oil sample with a [C.sub.8]-[C.sub.18] linear hydrocarbon mixture (van Den Dool and Kratz 1963).
Van den Dool SW, Wasser MN, de Fijter JW, Hoekstra J, van der Geest RJ.
The retention indices for all the components were determined according to the Van Den Dool method [33] using n-alkanes as standard.
In recent studies aimed at improving academic skills, a brief experimental analysis has been used in the early stages of the intervention phase to "test out" interventions for improving the participants' academic deficits (Daly, Martens, Dool, & Hintze, 1998; Daly, Martens, Hamler, Dool, & Eckert, 1999; Daly, Murdock, Lillenstein, Webber, & Lentz, 2002; Daly, Shroder, & Robinson, 2002; Eckert, Ardoin, Daly, & Martens, 2002).