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DOPEDistributed Object Programming Environment
DOPEDrug Overdose Prevention and Education (various organizations)
DOPEDepartment of Public Enterprise
DOPEData on Previous Engagement (military sniper term)
DOPEData on Personal Equipment (sniper rifle data logging)
DOPEDartmouth Oversimplified Programming Experiment
DOPEDeath or Prison Eventually (movie)
DOPEData Observed from Previous Engagements (shooting)
DOPEDirector of Performance Enhancement (New York Yankees)
DOPEDrugs Oppress People Everyday
DOPEDirector of Product Enhancements (Dilbert)
DOPEDisplacement of breathing tube, Obstruction, Pneumothorax, Equipment failure
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A meeting in this connection was held in the office of NADA on January 18 in which various issues and modalities for proper supervision over the dope control process to be carried out by these experts were discussed.
Speaking to M AIL T ODAY , NADA chief Navin Agarwal said they have increased the frequency of collecting athletes' blood and urine samples by carrying out random dope tests at national camps and domestic meets.
Sridhar said that a series of drug scandals that had recently rocked the sporting world, including tennis star Maria Sharapova's revelation, had not prompted the ICC to take this step as dope tests had been in practice since 2011.
In accordance with its Anti-Doping Rules, the Pakistan Cricket Board conducted random dope testing during the Faysal Bank T20 Cup held at Lahore in November 2013 in order to detect use of Prohibited Substances," the PCB stated in a release.
c], doping is cost-effective (too cheap relative to its effectiveness) and both athletes will dope with certainty.
Native silk dope taken straight from the gland can easily be drawn into strong fibers, but the fibres from artificial dope cannot be spun into any type of serious filament without unnatural treatment using strong chemicals.
Punchlines are a dope part of hip-hop, especially if you have dope punchlines with triple meanings.
In a compact compendium, Get the Dope on Dope: First Response Guide to Street Drugs, Volume One thoroughly details the most current information available on commonly encountered street drugs.
This is a circular argument of course--'we will only trust accounts of dope use that end in ruin, because dope use always ends in ruin.
Summary: New Delhi [India], October 29: Indian cricketers will soon come under the scanner of National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) for a dope test, as per the direction by Sports Secretary Rahul Bhatnagar.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Shirt Plain Weave Polyester and Viscose Dope Dyed Khaki, NCC 1965 pattern (Army Wing) (For Boys).