DOPLDivision of Occupational and Professional Licensing (Utah Department of Commerce)
DOPLDictionary of Programming Languages (online resource)
DOPLDepartment of Professional Licensing (Utah)
DOPLDown and Out in Paris and London (George Orwell book)
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Qualified beneficiaries are those persons or businesses that provide qualified services, pay all requisite fees or assessments, and are registered with DOPL.
The certificate, if issued by DOPL after it reviews the situation, establishes that the owner has complied with the provisions that prevent a mechanic's lien from being maintained.
This law directs DOPL to establish a system for online filing of notices of commencement, preliminary lien notices and notices of completion.
DOPL regulates more than 50 types of professional licenses, including architects, contractors, dentists, nurses, physicians, security guards, social workers, and veterinarians.