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DOPSDigital Ordering and Planning System
DOPSDirector of Player Safety (National Hockey League)
DOPSDirect Observation of Procedural Skills (UK)
DOPSDanish Optical Society
DOPSDepartment of Public Safety
DOPSDakota Ojibway Police Service
DOPSDivision de l'Organisation et de la Programmation Scolaire (French: Division of Organization and Programming School)
DOPSDisbursing Office Processing System
DOPSDigital Optical Projection System
DOPSDifference of Perfect Squares (factorizing quadratics)
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THE 50 million DOPs, once mature, would continuously lay eggs for at least the next 300 days of their lives, resulting in a total output of 15 billion eggs, BAI targets revealed.
DOPS is recommended to be used in formative assessment (4-6).
DOPs have been used in satellite navigation, for example, geometric dilution of precision (GDOP) and attitude dilution of precision (ADOP) in GNSS technology.
La observacion directa de destrezas de procedimiento (Direct Observation of Procedural Skills, DOPS) es una manera de evaluar las destrezas en la realizacion de procedimientos mediante la observacion en el sitio de trabajo (Workplace Based Assessment, WBA) [87].
Todos os participantes foram presos no sabado, dia 12 de outubro, por soldados da Forca Publica e policiais do Departamento de Ordem Politica e Social (Dops) de Sao Paulo.
Um documento comprovatorio dessa pratica e o Manual de Interrogatorio encontrado no acervo do Departamento de Ordem Politica e Social (DOPS), no Arquivo do Parana (Brasil).
In the clinical years of students, these skills can be tested in most forms of workplace based assessment by instruments including the mini-CEX, Direct observation of procedural skills (DOPS), Chart stimulated recall (Case based discussion) and mini peer assessment (Mini-PAT) for multisource feedback.4 Case based learning (CBL) is one instructional strategy used for integrating learning horizontally and vertically at Institute of Medical Sciences, Heavy Industries Education City Taxila (HITEC-IMS).
Directors of photography (DOPs) are included in the above-the-line
He then talked about DOPS the directly observed performance scopes, the joint advisory group of GI endoscopy (JAG).