DOQDepending On Qualifications
DOQDigital Orthophoto Quadrangle
DOQDenominació d'Origen Qualificada (Catalan: Qualified Denomination of Origin; geographical designation)
DOQDigital Ortho Quads
DOQDenomination of Quantity (logistics)
DOQDistrict Ouest du Québec (French: Western District of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
DOQDenominación de Origen (French: Designation of Origin; wine regulatory classification)
DOQDocumentation Quality
DOQDurham-Orange Quilters (North Carolina)
DOQDevils of Quebec (gaming clan)
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Tucked away in this harsh yet abundant corner of Catalonia, the Pere Ventura Group-owned brand is one of the most emblematic of the DOQ Priorat wine appellation.
Dopamine oxidation occurs by the way of a two-electron transfer, which yields dopamineortho-quinone (DOQ).
If a colony on the landscape had shifted outside of the edit-layer polygon, the polygon was re-examined atop the corresponding DOQ to determine whether the additional area should have been included in the edit layer (i.e.
According to the London daily Elaph, Amal is getting ready to film her new song "Doq Al Miyah" from her latest album with the director Sallim Al Turk and this would be their first time working together.
For this process, a digital atlas field sheet and its corresponding DOQ were opened into individual IMAGINE viewers.
Ancillary data used to complete the variable 1 map through 1999 for WMU E1 included 1999 digital orthophotography quadrangles (DOQ) and 1997-1999 Act 15 heavy-cut permits.
Data used in this project include Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Landsat Thematic Mapper images (TM), and Digital Orthophoto Quarter-Quadrangles (DOQ).
I was assisted in this research by Yustina Doq Jau and Yohanes Ngerung, both residents of Lg.
* Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles (DOQ) are scanned versions of aerial photos, which have the accuracy of a USGS map.
Ortho-rectified images can be output in a range of image formats including TIFF, PostScript, and USGS DOQ. PHODIS TS uses advanced image correlation techniques to extract DTM data from digital images in a completely automatic batch process.
Those maps were updated and corrected using a 10-m digital color orthoquad (DOQ) and ground-truthing.
Go, Doq. Go!, adapt: Steven Dietz, Allison Gregory.