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DOREDynamic Object Rendering Environment
DOREDynamic Object Rendering Environment (graphics programming)
DOREDepartment of Defense Officer Record Examination (US DoD)
DOREDefense Office Record Examination
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(24) Alfred Tennyson, Elaine, illustrated by Gustave Dore (London:
The Ems made it 4-0 when Dore hit a three-run homer in the bottom of the fifth inning.
John Burns from Bangor benefited from the work of the 'Dore'' Foundation to educate mature people how to learn to read and write Pic: Robert Parry Jones
Natalie Liney, Mollie's programme coach at Dore, says: "Things like tying shoelaces, reading and riding a bike come naturally over time to most children but those with learning difficulties find it more difficult to do these things.
Dore, who helped lead the demonstration, had his skull cracked when he was beaten by soldiers loyal to Camara.
A spokesman for the Dore Programme accepted the ruling but defended the evidence used by the company to back up its claims.
Sources in the CBI say the agency has taken the view of leading forensic and autopsy experts at AIIMS who had gone through "Dr Dore's one-page postmortem report.
The silver/gold dore bars have a total weight of 1,575kg.
"Our decision was based on budgets, specification and capabilities and we chose to work with Atlet because they were committed to working with us and getting involved," says Mike Lane, managing director of Dore Metal Services.
But days after Iain parted with the cash, the firm, founded by businessman Wynford Dore, went bust.
Anita Wegener paid around pounds 2,000 for her eight-year-old daughter Lucy to complete the Dore programme, but was only able to persevere with the therapy for a couple of months.
Robert Dore, principal at Unity City Academy, where Catherine is a pupil, said: "Catherine started kickboxing in July last year and in a short six months has already proved a great success, achieving the North East Championship title for her age group, two silver medals in European Championship events, as well as finishing in second and third place in National Championship events.