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DORICDigital Opto-Receiver Integrated Circuit (optical data transmission)
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Bartok's String Quartet No 4 is one of his finest works and it is hard to imagine a better performance than this one by the award-winning Doric Quartet.
The owner of Doric Property Management, Denis Doric stated, “Our goal is to be the best home and family resource center and information portal for assisting all Miami property owners with their Property Maintenance and Management needs.
Since 2014, the Doric groupOs real estate activities have been concentrated in Quadoro Doric Real Estate GmbH.
In the quantitatively abundant store of Doric drama, it must be admitted that few plays rise above the level deplored by this critic.
The leasing company plans to firm up its first A380 client in early 2014 after closing the contract with manufacturer Airbus SAS, Doric chief executive officer Marc Lapidus said in an interview in Toulouse, France, where Airbus is based.
Doric, the world's 11th-biggest aircraft lessor overall, has been involved in a number of transactions with Emirates and Singapore Airlines, pushing it to the No.
THERE'S a triple treat in store this weekend for fans of one of Britain's leading classical foursomes the Doric String Quartet.
Guernsey based Doric Nimrod Air One Limited (LSE:DNA), which is listed on the Specialist Fund Market of the London Stock Exchange and on the Channel Islands Stock Exchange, on Friday declared a fourth interim dividend of GBP0.
Along with long-time friends George Donald and William "Buff" Hardie, he entertained audiences across the world with songs and sketches, many performed in the Doric language.
A significant portion of my relationship with Doric Wilson was spent at the backs of theatres and rehearsal rooms, and at his office (the restaurant Zuni).
Sean Scully is standing in front of Doric Brown (2009), a four-metre-wide painting in which his trademark lozenges--here painted in silvery greys, autumnal greens and deep, rich browns--abut each other to form the classical, solemn and robust statement that the work's title suggests (Fig.
The ground at Newbury is likely to be on the soft side of good, which should be perfect for her as she's got plenty of decent form on an easy surface, while the booking of Kirsty Milczarek takes the eye as she's won five times on Doric Lady from 12 outings.