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DOSAAFFreewill Society for the Army, Aviation and Navy Support (Russian aviation)
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In 1952, the Soviet Union closed its national system of sniper schools, although basic marksmanship continued to be taught to the citizenry through the Young Pioneers, mandatory grade school and high school classes and the widespread DOSAAF (Voluntary Organization for the Support of the Soviet Army, Air Force, and Navy) civilian sports clubs.
A casual glance at the headlines from the three months to the end of July 2011 shows that, among much else: the navy is buying four Mistral helicopter carriers; the airforce will be looking to purchase 48 of the new Sukhoi Su-35S fighters; various agencies are taking deliveries of helicopters, and; the number of military specialists that are to be trained by the support organisation DOSAAF in 2012 will be 130,000 - or 20,000 more than were trained in 2011.