DOSDDipole Oscillator Strength Distribution (chemistry)
DOSDDivision of Sewerage and Drainage (Department of Public Utilities; Columbus, OH)
DOSDDump off System Disk
DOSDDomain Oriented Systems Development
DOSDDepartment of Supernatural Defense
DOSDDragons of Spring Dawning (book)
DOSDData and OSS Solutions Development (Sprint)
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As a lack of proper intersectoral collaboration was a key explanatory factor for the 2003 NSHP implementation failure, [7,8] the fundamental premise of the 2012 ISHP is the collaboration between the NDoH, DoBE and DoSD. It further requires good integration between various programmes within the NdoH--hence the title 'Integrated School Health Policy'.
During the mid-1980s, DOSD determined that knowledge of the operations and flow patterns within the main interceptor system was lacking.
The establishment of a flow and rainfall monitoring program as part of the study has provided a continuous update of the SWMM model to support DOSD current and future programs.