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Without waking him, she went back, and after a second dose of opium she fell towards morning into a heavy, incomplete sleep, during which she never quite lost consciousness.
In that case we may fairly hope that a repetition of the dose will lead, in a greater or lesser degree, to a repetition of the result.
The chief new instruction that Lydgate had to give was on the administration of extremely moderate doses of opium, in case of the sleeplessness continuing after several hours.
When the wound was fairly closed, the captain washed it with rum, and administered a second dose of the same to the patient, who was tucked in for the night, and advised to compose himself to sleep.
The fatal dose is taken from your husband's Wineglass.
These last words were a dose almost too bitter to be swallowed.
A lady in England lost her life by taking a similar mixture: the precipitated strychnine collected at the bottom, and in taking the last dose she swallowed nearly all of it!"
"Have some of this," said he, and gave me a dose of some scarlet stuff, iced.
By tea-time, however, the dose had been enough, and Mr.
This continued for some weeks, the physicians visiting him on alternate days and treating him for two different disorders, with constantly enlarging doses of medicine and more and more rigorous nursing.
"Oh, they take doses of those every night and morning," was the reply.
I really shall feel anxious if she does not have a tonic of some sort," said Aunt Plenty, eyeing the new remedies suspiciously, for she had more faith in her old-fashioned doses than all the magic cups and poppy pillows of the East.