DOSLDictionary of the Old Spanish Language
DOSLDean of Student Life
DOSLDriving on Suspended License (police)
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An example of the DoSL attack is represented in Figure 1.
The existing components used for defending the DoSL attack are as follows [2]:
The strong layer authentication is a key component of the DoSL defense.
Section 2 discusses the existing techniques used for detecting the DoSL attacks, energy draining attacks, and soft computing algorithms exploited for addressing the energy draining attacks.
To examine the second hypothesis that helping type would interact with direct contact to predict ESRO, we used a moderated regression analysis, with helping type (AOSL and DOSL) and direct contact hours as predictors.
Simple effects tests to examine the nature of the interaction revealed that direct contact had no effect on ESRO scores among those in the DOSL condition (t < 1), but there was a significant effect of direct contact among those in the AOSL condition, r(43) = 3.74, p = .001.
(7) dosl. Ni moja (moj) kopejka (novac) nije grbava (grbav).
(8) dosl. Zlato (novcarka) ne govori, vec cuda stvara.
(9) dosl. Pticu krasi perje, a covjeka ucenje (um).
(19) dosl. '[ot]pasti kao zrelo voce (kao zrela kruska)'
(29) dosl. 'bolje vrabac u ruci nego golub na krovu'
(30) dosl. 'siromadan covjek ima djece koliko i sito rupa'