DOSRIDirectors, Officers, Stockholders, and Related Interests
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"Also, when striking a deal with a big company, it could be for longer periods, of up to three years, for instance, and the rents could be in a lump sum," Al Dosri told The Peninsula .
This is creating an environment of 'sharing' where limited-income people move into shared apartments and partitioned villas, said Al Dosri.
But like many young Saudi Arabians, Dosri cares little for the winds of political change sweeping through much of the Arab world and was happy with the array of pay rises, health boosts and other financial incentives the king has offered.
In view of its fiduciary responsibility over these funds borrowed from the public, the DOSRI parties should not lend these funds, in an amount exceeding their capital, to themselves.
The law (Section 36, General Banking Law) does not however absolutely prohibit DOSRI borrowings, but subjects them to limits and to regulatory processes.
Under the amended rules, the exclusion was extended to banks' loans to affiliates as well as subsidiaries 'to recognize that the mitigation of credit risk similarly applies to all MFI-guaranteed loans regardless of whether the borrower is a third party, Dosri, or a subsidiary or affiliate of the bank,' according to the BSP.
Under Section 36 of the General Banking Law of 2000, the BSP is authorized to implement restrictive DOSRI rules.
The relaxed rules free trust managers from single-borrower limits (SBL), and directors, officers, shareholders, and related interest-known as SBL and Dosri restrictions, letting capital flow more freely to follow demand for cash.
If the "single borrower's limit" or DOSRI (directors, officers, stockholders and their related interests) rule in the banks that these conglomerates own or control will pose some problems, then they can easily tap the international market for funding support.
The BSP sees the collateral value cap being particularly relevant in securing Dosri (directors, officers, stockholders and related interests) loan transactions and in potentially accelerating the setting up of allowable loan for losses in case a loan account gets distressed.
THE BANGKO Sentral ng Pilipinas has relaxed rules governing Dosri (directors, officers, stockholders and related interests) loans.