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"Then," quoth Robin, "as thou dost so fairly do as I tell thee, and dost give me such soft speech, I will also treat thee with all due courtesy.
It doth grieve me much," said the other, "that I cannot do as thou dost wish.
Another caution we would give thee, my good reptile, is, that thou dost not find out too near a resemblance between certain characters here introduced; as, for instance, between the landlady who appears in the seventh book and her in the ninth.
If thou dost delight in these models of perfection, there are books enow written to gratify thy taste; but, as we have not, in the course of our conversation, ever happened to meet with any such person, we have not chosen to introduce any such here.
"Thou dost reckon me thy friend, and thou wouldst rob me of honour, a thing wholly inconsistent with friendship; and not only dost thou aim at this, but thou wouldst have me rob thee of it also.
Having said this, the wise and virtuous Lothario was silent, and Anselmo, troubled in mind and deep in thought, was unable for a while to utter a word in reply; but at length he said, "I have listened, Lothario my friend, attentively, as thou hast seen, to what thou hast chosen to say to me, and in thy arguments, examples, and comparisons I have seen that high intelligence thou dost possess, and the perfection of true friendship thou hast reached; and likewise I see and confess that if I am not guided by thy opinion, but follow my own, I am flying from the good and pursuing the evil.
"An' dost think thee canst go on so all thy life, as if thee wast a man cut out o' timber?
"What dost say such things for, Mother, when thee'st got no foundation for 'em?
'Ods-bobs, dost thee not know me, mun?' whispered the Yorkshireman to the bewildered lad.
Look ye now, young man, thy lungs are a sort of soft, d'ye see; thou dost not talk shark a bit.
And let me hear thy voice- one word- one word, To say thou art not gone,- one little sentence, To say how thou dost scorn- how thou dost hate My womanly weakness.
"Wherefore dost thou desire it?" inquired Hester, shrinking, she hardly knew why, from this secret bond.