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DOSTEDepartment of Science, Technology and Environment (various locations)
DOSTEDepartment of Science and Technology
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The persons or agencies that have power to impose penalties for administrative offenses are the People's Committees (within their respective localities); the inspectors within the MOSTE, NEA, and DOSTE (within their areas of responsibility); or the relevant government body.(267) If the offense is deemed to be of a criminal nature, the relevant agency must refer the matter to the People's Inspectorate or an investigation body.(268) Under the Ordinance on Dealing with Administrative Offenses,(269) inspectors specializing in science, technology, and environmental protection within DOSTE, MOSTE, NEA, and the People's Committees, as well as customs officer,(270) have varying powers to impose penalties.(271)
First, the authorized person who imposed the actual penalty may settle any complaints made with respect to the penalty they imposed.(294) Second, general inspectors of MOSTE, DOSTE, and NEA are responsible for settling disputes over penalty decisions made by their own inspectors.(295) Directors of DOSTE are responsible for settling complaints made against penalty decisions issued by general inspectors of DOSTE.
The Department of Science, Technology, and Environment (DOSTE) has the same power where local authorities have approved the EIE reports, and the Ministries of Defense and Interior where they approved them.