DOSYDiffusion Ordered Spectroscopy (NMR technique)
DOSYDiocese of Shrewsbury Youth (UK)
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The DOSY experiments showed a complex mixture of byproducts, which could not be observed in the unidimensional technique.
DOSY experiments were acquired with a stimulated echo sequence incorporating a longitudinal eddy delay (LED), bipolar gradient pulses, and two spoil gradients.
To test for the presence and identity of different components in the mixture such as new products formed due to a chemical reaction between eosin Y and caffeine, or dimerization between eosin Y molecules [26], a DOSY NMR experiment was obtained.
There are little girls called Sorrow Meers and Dosy Dearn, and a child found on the church steps who was given the apt name Jobe Foundling.
The dosy home defence needlessly headed Mark Cororan's first corner behind for another and this time McPhee was allowed to rise unchallenged to glance a header high into the net.
Depending on your personal viewpoint, as many as three, four or five of Rotherham's seven tries were courtesy of charitable, not to say, dosy opponents.
PCM DOSYS has also developed the DOSY-BLEND function, allowing consistent mixing, thorough distribution of the pieces, compliant with the actual texture of the product.