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DOT ForceDigital Opportunity Task Force
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* GRUPO DE EMPRESA Y ESPIRITU EMPRESARIAL : Este grupo ha creado el modelo DOT Force Entrepreneurial Network (DFEN) para apoyar a las empresas que estan maximizando el impacto social de las TIC.
Desde la ONU, y para colaborar en los trabajos de los grupos auspiciados desde el DOT Force, se impulso la creacion el 20 de noviembre de 2001 del ICT Task Force -Information and Communication Technologies Task Force, el grupo de trabajo propio de Naciones Unidas sobre las TIC.
Por ello, aunque Naciones Unidas participa en el DOT Force a traves del UNICT Task Force, tiene tambien disenadas sus propias actuaciones en el ambito de las TIC a nivel mundial, con ese fin ultimo de eliminar la pobreza.
The statement also contributed to the creation of the abovementioned DOT Force. Chief among the were the following:
Although the G8 DOT Force represents a commitment from the globe's most powerful countries, before its recommendations can be formulated and delivered, governments must act to promote policies to increase competition in the technology sector.
Peter Harder, the DOT Force brought together representatives from government, business and civil society from the G-8 countries and developing nations.
The DOT Force report follows up on the 2001 Genoa Plan of Action, which called for a concerted plan to narrow the technological gap between developed and developing nations.
As part of the charter, the leaders agreed to establish the ''dot force'' to follow up and coordinate policies and activities among governments and private concerns in areas such as building human resources and encouraging global networks for electronic commerce.
UNTRUTH #1: Bill sponsors claim DOT forces airlines to hide taxes and fees.
This technology was offered to DOT forces, asphalt contractors, municipalities, and property owners to rehabilitate their infrastructure.