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DOTASDisclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes
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the basic mechanics of DotA: the win condition, "setting, heroes,
announcing, via a forum post: "from this point forward, DotA is now
Whoever wishes to release a version of DotA may without my
several DotA mods and used them as the base of his own line of mods.
(34) By early 2005, Guinsoo's version of DotA was becoming the
Guinsoo era of DotA. Under his leadership, DotA grew from a mod into a
final authority to decide what went into the next version of DotA. (40)
under Guinsoo's tenure, the first DotA league was born.
DotA's competitive scene slowly came to be, with 2006 marking the
beginning of a rapid rise in the number and prize pools of DotA
promoting its new games, it also had an unusual offering: a DotA
successors to DotA, including LoL by Riot Games ("Riot") and