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DOTD's long-term plan is to alter the interchange on I-10 at Loyola Drive by constructing a flyover ramp.
Deal of the Day (DOTD) will offer people an incredible shopping deal every day throughout DSS, starting on the 23 June and finishing on the 1 August.
This will allow the Louisiana DOTD to analyze and evaluate infrastructure damage related to the oil spill clean up as quickly as possible.
Since these are federal funds that are involved, we have to get environmental clearance from the Federal Highway Administration, said DOTD Public Information Officer Amber Hebert in Baton Rouge.
"At the same time, our membership has grown to include several communities, as well as LA DOTD contractors and consultants, and more than 200 different corporate partners.
Volunteers began a letter-writing campaign and sent an online petition to the DOTD and state officials.
During the stand-up of MANSCEN, senior leaders recognized that DL would play a major role in future Army Transformation processes and opted to establish a Multimedia Development Team (MDT) within DOTD. The DOTD MDT has the responsibility to conduct MANSCEN DL contract oversight for contractor-developed courseware, develop selected in-house multimedia products, and upgrade legacy MANSCEN school courseware.
Keep up the hard work that you do there at DOTD; it pays off on the battlefield, as I have now seen firsthand.
"As to notice, the DOTD did regularly inspect the highway and there is no evidence that the hanging limb could or should have been discovered before it actually protruded into the path of traffic in the southbound lane.
In response, Louisiana's DOTD began to establish goals for minority-owned firms' involvement in highway construction in 1981.