DOTLMPFDoctrine, Organizations, Training, Leader Development, Materiel, Personnel and Facilities
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Other disadvantages include the Army using inaccurate capability variables during the planning phase of the planning, programming, budgeting, and execution process; considering invalid benchmarks when making decisions about DOTLMPF changes; masking units that need help with available strength and available senior-grade deficiencies; and losing countless man-hours while engaging P-2 and lower concerns.
Army Soldier Battle Lab (SBL) conducted a DM experiment to provide supporting data and analysis for DOTLMPF refinement.
The complete DOTLMPF review and recommendations is on file at Small Arms Division/ DCD.
This article takes their pertinent comments from the interview and places them into appropriate major DOTLMPF categories.
Within the Army alone, the entire Doctrine, Organization, Training, Leadership, Materiel, Personnel, and Facilities (DOTLMPF) process requires addressing and examination as it pertains to the Future Force with a specific focus on intelligence.
* Help look at DOTLMPF (doctrine, organization, training, leadership and education, material and facilities) issues such as additional skill identifier (ASI) versus MOS requirements for the operators.