DOTPDioctyl Terephthalate (chemistry)
DOTPDictatorship of the Proletariat
DOTPDivision of Transportation Planning (California Department of Transportation)
DOTPDelivering on the Promise (UK)
DOTPDental Officer Training Plan (Canadian military)
DOTPDeportation Officer Training Program (various locations)
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March 2019 - Sibur, a petrochemical company based in Russia, announced the commencement of DOTP production at its Perm facility.
As part of SIBUR's strategy to expand production of products with high added value, we are also commissioning a facility that will produce dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP) at the Company's Perm enterprise, which will be the largest DOTP plant in Europe.
"By 2019 Oxea will become the major supplier of DOTP in Europe," said Max Grudda, marketing manager Plasticizers at Oxea." Our primary goal is to improve delivery reliability through local production to sustainably meet our customer's current and future needs for this important non-ortho-phthalate plasticizer.
All the investigated calibration curves were obtained by the acceptable correlation coefficients ([R.sup.2] > 0.99) at five concentrations ranging from 0.05 to 5 [micro]g/g for DBP, BBP, DEHA, DEHP, DNOP, and DOTP and from 0.15 to 15 [micro]g/g for DINP and DIDP, respectively.
It was better in all categories than DOTP and better in 5 out of 6 against DINCH[R].
Huskens et al., "Characterization of Lanthanide(III) DOTP complexes: thermodynamics, protonation, and coordination to alkali metal ions," Inorganic Chemistry, vol.
The other prototype was Dioctyl terephthalate (DOtP), having a very clean, non- toxicological profile and not regarded as an estrogen mimicker, carcinogen or anti-androgen.
The demand of 2-EH in the region is also catching up for phthalate free plasticizers manufacturing which is reflected by continuous as well as planned investments on DOTP (dioctyl terephthalate) plants in China and Taiwan.
In other words, this is the closest that DotP has come to replicating actual Magic: The Gathering yet.
The additives, lead stearate (Pbst) thermal stabilizer, and dioctyl phthalate (DOTP) plasticizer were provided by Haolong Chemical, Tianjin, China.
The group will be involved in transferring the Government Gateway, an authentication and routing service; the Knowledge Network, a Government information sharing facility; and Delivering on the Promise (DotP), a pan-government content management system, from the existing arrangements to a single managed service.