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DOTSDepartment of Technology Services (various organizations)
DOTSDirectly Observed Treatment Short-Course
DOTSDirectly Observed Treatment Strategy
DOTSDifference of Two Squares (mathematics)
DOTSDozens of Terrific Stamps
DOTSDatabase of Transcribed Sequences
DOTSDocument Tracking System
DOTSDay of the Sword (band)
DOTSDose-Responsiveness, Time-Course, Susceptibility Factors (used in classifying adverse drug reactions)
DOTSDynamic Ocean Tracking System (US FAA)
DOTSDigital-Optical Technology System
DOTSDepartment of Trade Statistics
DOTSDirectly Observed Treatment/Therapy Short Course
DOTSDeformities Open wounds Tenderness Swelling
DOTSDirectory Order Transmission System
DOTSDirector Of Training and Simulations
DOTSDredging Operations Technical Services
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Tackleton,' said Dot, not with the best grace in the world; 'but for your condition.
I have got myself to believe it, somehow,' said Dot.
The indignation of Dot at this presumptuous assertion is not to be described.
He pointed to where Dot was sitting, thoughtfully, before the fire; leaning her dimpled chin upon her hand, and watching the bright blaze.
Dot next day Bertran came to my house to help me make some wood cases for der specimens, und he tell me dot he haf left his wife a liddle while mit Bimi in der garden.
Und his wife did not come when he called, und he knocked at her bedroom door und dot was shut tight-locked.
I tell you we waited ten days in dot house, after der room was made into a room again, and once or twice we saw Bimi comm' a liddle way from der woods.
Dot friend of ours haf still too much Ego in his Cosmos, Be quiet, thou
My friend," said Hans, composedly stretching himself to slumber, "it was not nice even to mineself dot I should lif after I had seen dot room wit der hole in der thatch.
Although scientists envision quantum dots in a variety of applications, the toxicity of their starting materials could limit their use, notes Ya-Ping Sun of Clemson University in South Carolina.
The quantum dots are particles of several nanometers (one nanometer = 10-9 m) in diameter, which are formed by inorganic semiconductor substances.
Most DOTs utilize "professional CM" services, upon which the remainder of this article will focus.