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DOUDiário Oficial da União (Brazilian official press)
DOUDefinitive Observation Unit (healthcare)
DOUDirect Observation Unit (hospital)
DOUDegree of Unsaturation (organic chemistry)
DOUDirection des Oeuvres Universitaires (French: Management of Academic Works; Algeria)
DOUDocuments Of Understanding
DOUDay of Use
DOUDemons of the Underworld (gaming clan)
DOUData Object Unprocessed
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There is a Chinese proverb which calls on those in the present to 'Consider the past and you shall know the future' which the new generation of golfers like Li and Dou have fully embraced as they seek to drive Chinese golf forward with their tenacity and talent.
Appreciating HEC's initiatives, Osman said, 'We are proud to have signed DoU with the HEC.'
Dou and her team also have published on another protein involved in DNA transcription, called WDR5, that places tags that are important during transcription.
"If you think about stem cell biology, the self-renewal is one aspect that makes stem cells unique and powerful, and the differentiation is another," says Dou. "People have looked a lot at differentiation to make cells useful for therapy in the future -- but the stem cell itself is actually pretty fascinating.
Dou invests in real estate and, like Russell, began watching the foreclosure market closely in 2007.
As Dou Dou makes his way forward he is preceded, at some distance, by a band, local dignitaries, and Saint George, who is mounted on a massive black horse, and his escort of eight guardians known as Chinchins.
Dou Yee Enterprises is a distribution and manufacturing company primarily based in the Asia/Pacific region and has served the electronics and semiconductor industries since 1982.
Chapters 2, 3, and 4 are organized around works representing the different conventions of Gerard Dou, Nicolaes Maes, and Pierer de Hooch, respectively.
Dou Kou - a young Chinese boy who left school at the age of seven to become a writer - has become the centre of a critical debate in China.
135 - Nathan Young, Dou, d Brandon Metzgus, MP, 11-3.
THIS winter the largest-ever collection of the paintings of Gerrit Dou, consummate in all their tiny magic, travelled to Washington, Dulwich and The Hague from as far afield as Stockholm and St Petersburg.